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We at ‘NorthEastTrailBuddies’ (a North East India Travel & Tourism Firm registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932) are a group of individuals sharing a common passion for travel and adventure. Hailing from the North-East corner of India, a region abundant in flora and fauna, adored by grandiose mountains and cliffs, dense forest, tea-gardens, valleys and rivers, and inhabited by a populace with a rich heritage and ethnic mix, and yet somehow managing to escape the radar of the most avid traveler…

Our vision is to show-case this pristine nature’s hub to the world and contribute towards North East India Tourism.

We believe that any traveler, adventurist, birder or for that matter anyone on a leisure trip who would want to visit this part of the world would only do so after some research on the region. So we view tourism as knowledge based sector in addition to it being a segment for entertainment and leisure. While hand picking locales, we consult eminent historians, anthropologists, and others having sound knowledge about a particular locale, in addition to our own research and explorations.

This portal is aimed at adding a new dimension to ‘Tourism’, especially in North East India. Instead of advertising conventional tour packages, where we feel the tourist may be bound by a pre-defined itinerary , the portal provides detailed information and real time photographs on hand-picked destinations under different ‘Categories’ of tourism. You can add one or more such ‘Products’ to your itinerary Cart per your taste, vacation time and budget. We thus empower you to build your own tour package in North East India.

We provide all the ground logistics right from cars of your choice to stay in heritage bungalows to camping in wilderness to ethnic and wildlife tours, to the best local cuisine to adventure sports to trail buddies who personally take care of you, throughout your trail.

Our Trail Buddies in each Product are expert locals to guide you in and enrich your knowledge about the specific locale.

Your Chief Buddy

 Mr. Rohit Thakur

We are not just a north east tour operator. We are your NorthEastTrailBuddies.

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Registration Certificate

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